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Do more with your photos.

As more and more photos get shared every minute, people don’t take the time to enjoy them anymore. Instead, they are being looked at for a few seconds, and that’s it. We at xuuluux believe that every photo deserves more recognition and can do more than just being looked at for such a short amount of time. To approach this issue and find a solution, there needs to be something new. How do you make people interact with the photos they consume every single day and make them pay more attention to what they are looking at?

If you create an environment that adds a playful component to the described issue, it is much more convenient to spend more time with fewer images. We do not reinvent the wheel. We combine already existing and familiar ideas to create a new experience in the digital space. An app that merges the familiarity of your photos with the playfulness of a game, it’s that simple and yet so sophisticated.

Our mission is to meet the growing demand for visual communication, by providing a new way of interacting with photos for people all around the world.

The team.

xuuluux is an international software development company with a young team in charge. We are inspired to create a product for new ways of interaction in the digital space. Within the team, the roles are distributed clearly.

Marc, as the CEO, is responsible for the strategic development of the company and acts as the public representative of xuuluux.
All design-related topics fall into the area of responsibility of Jan, who oversees the visual direction to create an easy to understand and memorable user experience.
In the field of social media marketing, we are supported by Kai with his broad knowledge and deep understanding.
In order to develop this product, Patrick is the right person when it comes to software development. The combination of curiosity for new things and the ambition to improve not only the product but also himself makes him the perfect fit.
The experience in the field of marketing contributed by Lisa helps us position the app on the market and make it even more accessible to our target audience.
As the CFO, Peter manages finances and serves as a mentor to the team.

Together as a team, we aim to build a user-friendly product that is fun and easy to use, so everyone feels comfortable to spend more time with their photos.

Our values.

Simplicity: By not overthinking and rather taking action, we manage to keep internal structures and therefore the customer experience as simple as possible.

Positivity: A supportive attitude significantly contributes to an efficient work environment. We help each other to grow and solve problems as a team.

Security: In such a connected world, the role of privacy becomes indispensable and plays a major part in the product we create. The images you are playing with are not transferred to xuuluux in any way. Instead, they are analyzed locally on your device through our algorithm, which then creates the game all without us even touching it. Therefore, you are also able to play without an internet connection.

Innovation: A great idea is just the start. There is so much more space for further improvement. That’s why we continuously try to come up with new solutions to improve and expand the overall user experience.

Transparency: We believe in open and honest communication — not only within our team but especially towards our customers and users. We gladly accept every type of feedback, helping us to improve our services and build a better product.

Main target audience.

As a result of our research, we found out that the primary target audience is in its teens and early 20s. Nevertheless, people beyond this age will hugely benefit from the xuuluux app as well. When it comes to strengthening one’s brain activities, our ideas become more prominent at age.

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Need more info?

Feel free to contact us in case you need any further information.

Also make sure to check out the assets page of this press kit to download our brand resources.

xuuluux app information page


With xuuluux, you can use any image to create your very own find the difference game to interact more with pictures. Discover details in your photos while playing.

xuuluux is fundamentally different from any find the difference game you know. It allows you to start spotting the differences in your favorite pictures immediately. xuuluux creates the game automatically, so you don’t have to.


• Create unlimited find the difference games
• Play and interact with your own photos
• Use pictures from the feed
• Adjust the difficulty to your needs
• Get rewards for playing
• No internet connection needed - play anywhere
• Stay updated about the latest features with our news section
• Free to play
• Continuous feature updates

Infinite possibilities.

With xuuluux, you have unlimited possibilities when it comes to interacting with your images, and playing find the difference games. You can either select pictures from your gallery or choose from our curated photo section. You even have the option to take photos right in the app and start playing immediately. There really are no limits!

Random games.

Start a game with a randomly suggested image right within the app. Decide whether you prefer playing photos from your gallery or our selected feed.

Train your brain.

Use xuuluux to see your memory, analytical and decisionmaking skills, creativity, and visual processing improve by paying more attention to photos.

Curious? Download xuuluux now to start interacting with your photos!

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or problems regarding xuuluux. Our team is always happy to help and hear about your ideas to improve xuuluux. For screenshots of the app, make sure to check out the „Assets“ tab in our press kit.

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xuuluux assets page

All assets.

Use these assets in your report or other publication about xuuluux. You can download them for free.

Style Guide.

Please ensure that all assets provided on this page are used according to our guidelines from the Style Guide.

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Logotype Vertical.

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Logotype Horizontal.

Logotype horizontal white & logotype horizontal black.


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Team Photos.

Single images of individual team members and group photos.


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App Screenshots.

Collection of different product screenshots of all major xuuluux features.


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xuuluux Style Guide page

Style Guide.

Please ensure that all assets provided on this page are used according to our guidelines from the Style Guide.

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xuuluux press contact page

For any press related issues please feel free to contact Marc Maegdefrau via

If you need additional information or assets that are not provided in our press kit, he will be happy to help you out.

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