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Jan Maegdefrau


aka Late Riser

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Member since:

February 2019

Main skills:

Graphic Design

UI/UX Design

Adobe Creative Cloud


22 years

Responsible for the visual development of xuuluux, Jan is the creative mind with several years of design experience.

Besides realizing various creative web and print projects for internationally operating companies, he used his free time to obtain further knowledge.
After graduating from High School in 2014, he started his journey as a designer where he found the passion for designing in the course of an eight months internship. Afterwards, Jan moved on to completing vocational training in January 2019 in order to gain more experience in the field of business operations as well as design.

At xuuluux he oversees the visual direction of the company with the goal to create an easy to understand and memorable experience which anticipates our users needs and expectations.

Do what makes you happy.