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Peter Maegdefrau


aka Chief Fabulous Officer

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Member since:

January 2019

Main skills:





57 years

Studies of business administration and industrial engineering.
While studying, Peter was a member of the students initiative TEG (The Entrepreneurial Group) and Co-Founder of technology- and environmental consulting.
During his career, he gathered extensive experience in medium-sized, internationally producing enterprises. In addition, Peter gained comprehensive experience in different management positions as a technical manager, technical director, managing director and shareholder of a manufacturer of branded goods. Numerous projects as an interim manager in restructuring situations led him around the world. This allowed him to not only gather important hard skills, but also gain experience with different cultures. Wide expertise with due diligences, acquisitions of companies and start-ups are also part of his skillset. Since 2012, Peter is part of the CoWorkingSpace-Community in Salzburg.

At xuuluux, he is the mentor and Chief Financial Officer to develop this new start-up.

Live and act now, decide fast.